About Us

TryFOLD Sign was founded by Tim Murray.  Tim Murray is seasoned Realtor after 20+ yrs in the Real Estate industry. 

One day after sitting open house and only 5 people showed up.  As Tim was gathering his signage he was wandering why he didn't have a ton of people showing up to his open house.  He knew it was a hot listing.  Could it be that he forgot to advertise it in the newspaper or MLS?  Was he priced too high?  NO, as he gathered his signs he saw that 3 of the 5 signs fell down.  These were 15 lbs sign frames and they were still falling over.  He noticed other A-frames on the side of the road weighted down with weights, sand bags, bricks....ect. Then Tim came across a 36x24 inch plastic frame that was fillable but he would have to change all his 18x24 inch signs and those frames didn't fit in the trunk of his car.  He liked the large 36x24 signage that stood out on the street but it wasn't practical transporting in the trunk of his car or carrying out to the street corner.

So, Tim created his own frame that would serve all the needs of Realtor.  He wanted something that was:

  • STURDY - TryFOLD unique Y-frame allows it to withstand 45 mph winds without added weight.
  • MOBILE -  TryFOLD's 4 inch polyeurethane wheels allow easy transportation.  So whether your are transporting the hollow 15 lbs frame or you have added another 30 lbs of sand in the frame, it is still a breeze to transport to the any destination.
  • COMPATIBLE - TryFOLD is designed to be compatible with standard 18x24 inch or (3) 6x24 (riders) inch signage.  Whether Corrugated Plastic, PVC or metal.
  • VERSATILE - TryFOLD allows users to advertise traditional 18x24 inch signage on each side or 36x24 on each side.  Use as OPEN HOUSE signage or FOR SALE signage.
  • STAKING - TryFOLD is designed to allow users to stake it to soft earth.
  • WEIGHTED - TryFOLD frame is hollow and allows users to fill frame with sand or water to help weight it down.
  • COMPACT - TryFOLD is designed to actually FOLD smaller than traditional 18x24 sign frames.  (23" x 27" x 4.5")

Tim wanted a frame that would allow him to get rid of all his other sign frames.